After a 20-years career as a professional athlete I wish now to convey my vision of training, a global approach to performance respectful of the body and the environment in which we operate

Nicolas Lebrun

In Organicoach there is...

"Organic": for those who already know us, you know that it is our trademark, to be "organic athletes" and make you become "organic athletes". What does this imply? A very simple notion of respect for yourself and others, without chemicals not to push your body too far. Our goal is to make you stronger in the long run but not at any cost.

"Orga": because events are a very good to spread our message as well. And we also wish to help you organize your season, your sports travels, your daily training...

"Nico", for Nicolas LEBRUN of course: 15 years at national and international level in more than 10 outdoor sports, 3 Elite World titles (1 in XTERRA and 2 in winter triathlon), one-time silver and 2-times bronze medalist at Duathlon World championships, 13 medals at Elite World championships, all that thanks to a natural lifestyle and the help of aromatherapy, herbal medecine and osteopathy

and finally "Coach" : universal word symbolizing the monitoring we wish to give you, not limited to simple weekly training tables!

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Nicolas LebrunCertified

Co-founder of Organicoach

Globe trotter, XTERRA Eurpean Director

Professional triathlete from 1996 to 2013
2005 Elite XTERRA (cross triathlon) World champion
1999 and 2000 winter triathlon Elite World champion
12 individual medals at Elite World championships and Elite national titles within 17-years career

DEJEPS graduated in Triathlon

Cross-triathlon, triathlon, duathlon and trail specialist

Alexandra Borrelly-LebrunCertified

Co-founder of Organicoach

Sports coach (XTERRA, triathlon, trail) and nutrition and lifestyle advisor

Certified XTERRA Coach

Cross triathlete, triathlete and trail runner

DU Graduated in "nutrition nutrient training exercise", Doctor of pharmacy trained at the School of Medicinal Plants in Lyon

Specialist in nutrition and natural health for athletes

Yves Le MoigneCertified

Coach XTERRA certifié

DEJEPS triathlon, BPJEPS activités pour tous, Moniteur VTT

Spécialiste et pratiquant des sports d’endurance, triathlon, cross triathlon, VTT, course à pied, trail

Basé à Aix-en-provence (13)

René Rovéra

Coach natation, triathlon

Triathlète professionnel de 1997 à 2006 (spécialiste longues distances), deux fois dans le top 10 de l'Ironman d'Hawaï (7ème en 1998 et 9ème en 2004), vice-champion du monde de Duathlon longue distance 1998, reconverti dans l’ultra trail (4ème à la CCC en 2014, 22e de l'UTMB en 2019)

BEESAN, coach diplomé en natation

Spécialiste en triathlon et trail

Basé à Beauvezer (04)

Cyril Fadat

Sports Coach

Road runner (10k best: 31'01) and duathlete (U23 French national vice-champion)

Military sports graduate

Specialist in technical work and specific muscle strengthening

Living in Annecy (74)